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Our Statement

We are not a non profit organization, though we operate as if we were.

We hire only people with disabilities and our profits are then donated to other non profits who are tirelessly researching health and wellness.

Their research has brought us these fine products. We hope you enjoy them in good heath and well being.


As of Jan 15, 2016, our post office has raised our shipping rates, especially for shipping outside our borders.

All pictures are copyrighted by the photographer, please do not use them without asking.

Neither the products nor this site are designed to diagnose or treat you. Your health is in your hands. If you are sick, see a physician. 
We make no claims about our products. If you want information about the product, please click the links supplied and go read about them.
We sell these products hoping they will make you feel better and that they will work for you. If they do not or you respond adversely
to them, just contact us at,. Your money will be refunded immediately.