"David hooked me up with Lam cream. I had been suffering terribly from eczema on my right hand. I couldnít even use my hand for months. It was cracked and bleeding continuously despite several visits to the best dermatologist in the area and pricey cortisone creams. Absolutely nothing worked that I tried or that was prescribed. David told me about Lam cream and sent it all the way over to Belgium for me. After TWO days there was a HUGE improvement. After two weeks, you could only see tiny traces of dry skin. So after nearly a full year of terrible suffering, LAM cream had me on the mend after two days! Iím SO grateful for this recommendation and with conviction ask everyone to try it." ~ Lisa Troch  (see images below)

Hi Ron,

I've got to tell you about my experience with your products. Maybe this will help others.

I read a newsletter that claimed that your LAM cream was good for jock itch. I drive a thousand miles a day sometimes and it get hot and wet down there. And yes it can itch and I can't wait to hit the showers when I finally arrive. Most of the time I'll stop at a truck stop and take a shower.

So I bought the LAM and a Healon, which I put in my first aid kit. I'd read a lot about it and I think every first aid kit should have it.

I used the LAM and it worked wonders. No more having to stop and shower. I can just keep on keepin on.

Then, after a really long trip that ended up being even longer because my truck broke down, I went into a men's room, did my stuff, and then got back in my cab and boy was I in pain. My poor ass was on fire. I had, what the doctors would call, an "anal fissure" and a "pile." So at my next stop, I applied the LAM. It stung a bit, but after a while it cooled down. I did that for about a week and it seemed to be getting better, but really slowly.

This was when I decided to use the Healon. In just four days the fissure was closed up and the pile was less than half its original size. It didn't take long for all of that to just heal up right nicely.

Ron, I love ya and I can't say enough about your products. But I know that my first aid kit will always have that little bottle of Healon.