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Cardia 7 Contains Provinal
"The Purified Omega 7"
the only Omega 7 that is
Palmitic Acid Free.

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We have the last
on the planet!

The company no longer makes it. It's the best provinal® product on earth, but it was just too costly for people. Consumers go for the cheaper products and they just did not realize how good this product is. We have the last of it. It's 3 years past its expiry date but it's refrigerated and will list 10 more years (if we don't sell out). When we give it to our dogs, we open the capsules and smell for rancidity. When I buy dog treats, at the checkout counter I open the treats and check for rancidity. I've turned back a good number of purchases that way. I won't give rancid oils to my dog and I won't give them to me and I won't give them to our customers.

I've dropped my C-Reactive Protein levels over 3 points in two months using this product. I take three capsules every morning. We have given away over 1,500 bottles. We can no longer give them away.

In a recent study involving Flexinol®, the following benefits were seen:

Subjects taking Flexinol® exhibited longer time to reach maximum pain level

Flexinol® intake increased the duration of exercise prior to experiencing maximum pain level

Flexinol® intake greatly increased range of motion

Benefits of Flexinol® were seen within a 7 day time period

This product retails for $54.95, but because we got a case with an expiration date of 7/17, we are selling them for $20.00, or buy 4 and get FREE SHIPPING.

 We are down to 42 bottles left in inventory as of June 22, 2021.

If you are afraid of supplements that have gone past their expiry date, then you can read this article: The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates, or you can read an article that points right to this page in a newsletter (it's at the bottom): Newsletter - Expiration Dates

This product is now stored in a freezer, along with all other product that can expire if sitting out.



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