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Everything you'll need to make Low Carb Chocolates
You'll find your basic recipe right here: Low Carb Chocolates.

Suddenly sales have dropped to zilch for who the heck knows why.

All the chocolate products are in our freezer just sitting there and I seem to be the only one making chocolate candies, so here is our offer:

You tell us what you want and what you will pay. Anything on this page. We're serious. Just write to:



First Everything Listed Separately - With the competition's price (for a comparable product on Amazon. If you find it cheaper, the quality is not comparable). We've set our prices to beat the competition.

(See BELOW for a complete kit to make FOUR full batches (6 pounds) of LOW CARB Chocolates.)

Organic Fair Trade Cacao Butter The competition: $1.08/oz for 16 ounces.

Organic Fair Trade Cacao Butter

8 oz - $8.50
10.5 oz - $10.35
16 oz - $15.95
3 lb - 35.95


Dutch Cacao Powder The competition: $.75/oz for 8 ounces. (This product disappeared from Amazon after finding it. It was the ONLY comparable product. No other product could claim to be organic and slavery-free).

Organic Slavery-Free Dutch Cacao Powder

8oz - $5.60
12oz - $8.40
1 lb - $11.20
2 lb - $19.95


Stevia The competition: $7.17.

NOW Foods Better Stevia
Our cost is your price: $5.34


Erythritol The competition: $.52/oz for 28 ounces.

Simply the Best's Powdered Non-GMO Erythritol (We still have some Powdered Swerve left in inventory.)

10.5 oz - $5.25
16 oz - $8.00
3 lb - $21.95


Silicone Muffin Pan The competition: $9.45 - Our cost is your price: $8.99.

Silicone Muffin Pans (Great molds for making candies!)



Complete Chocolate Kit

(Will make approximately 6 pounds of Keto Friendly Chocolate Candies.)

On Amazon, 6 pounds of organic fair trade chocolate bars retail for over $300.00. Organic but not slavery-free chocolate bars can save you over a hundred dollars. But slavery doesn't taste very sweet. And nowhere can you find low carb chocolates at any price near this . . . you must make them yourself. In other words, you're paying $69.00 for nearly $400.00 in low carb, organic, slavery-free chocolates.

Below we list out each item in this kit, posting the cost of comparable items on Amazon. Be aware that prices do fluctuate all the time, but these were the prices on August 22, 2019. And again, if you find it cheaper, it's not a comparable product. We've investigated thoroughly the source of all products we've used to compare.  

Item   Price at Amazon
Cacao Butter 42 oz   $36.12
Cacao Powder 16 oz   $12.00
Erythritol 28 oz   $14.56
NOW Foods Better Stevia $7.17
Silicone Muffin Pan (makes 24 six ounce candies)   $9.45
  Total $79.30

You will get ALL of the above for a total of
$69.00 with FREE shipping.

If you are ordering other things at this site, and your shipping charges skyrocket, be aware (our customers know this) that we will refund you a portion of that. We don't want to gouge anyone.

P.S. You're going to have to get your own Vanilla Extract. If you are doing the Keto thing, make sure it's pure Vanilla Extract with NO sugar.

The Complete Chocolate Kit

If there are any changes you want in this kit (for example you don't need the Stevia, or something else, or you want to add something), just write to us:

or call:
763-689-WELL (9355)







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