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Shipping Policy

We ship only using Priority Mail through the US Postal Service.


Delivery Confirmation does NOT require a signature. The delivery is confirmed by the postal worker who delivers your mail. S/he will scan the package and mark it as delivered.

If you do NOT get your package, we can look up your delivery on the web to confirm that it arrived. If it has arrived, the matter is NO LONGER in our hands. It means that your package arrived and that it was stolen.

If your mail is being stolen, you can talk to your post office to have all packages held for pickup.

Some have asked to pay extra for insurance, however, if we insure the package and use delivery confirmation, if the delivery is confirmed, you cannot collect on the insurance. The insurance only covers packages that do not make it to their final destination.

PLEASE NOTE: The shipping costs vary from product to product at this site. We try to keep it as low as possible, and there is no way for Pay Pal to handle what we're tying to do. Some products come directly from the manufacturer in which case the shipping goes directly to them.

If you do order different items that are shipped from Simply the Best and get charged with multiple shipping charges, do not worry; we will reimburse you the lesser of the charges, and charge you only the highest shipping charge you've paid.

Our shipping charges do not rise with larger orders, so it is to your advantage to make large orders and save on shipping.

Overseas: We now ship anything and everything overseas and to Canada for an extra fee. When possible we will ship USPS Priority with insurance, however this is very expensive. When we can, packages go out First Class with Shipping Certification, meaning that we certify that we have shipped, but YOU are gambling that your postal service will deliver the product. We are NOT responsible for anything lost in the mail.


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